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Intake Staff


Provides information, referrals, technical assistance and representation regarding legal rights and services for people with disabilities that have disability-related civil legal issues. The priorities for the types of cases we will take under this core function are as follows:

  • Housing: DLC will focus on housing cases that meet the criteria required by our funding provider, the United Way of Mass Bay and Merrimack Valley service area (Greater Boston and the North Shore). Cases DLC accepts will involve issues that will result in an individual or family retaining the housing or housing subsidy they have.

    * Requests and denial of Reasonable Accommodations

    * Evictions for reasons which are wholly or primarily disability-related

    * Subsidy terminations for reasons that are wholly or primarily disability-related

    * Stay of Evictions for Non- Renewal of Lease or non-fault evictions.

  • Employment: DLC will take a limited number of employment cases in FY 16. These cases will focus on the systemic nature of the case and the possible widespread impact a favorable outcome might have. DLC will also provide no more than 5 disability employment law trainings this FY. Reasonable Accommodation Cases:

    * Client is currently working and needs an accommodation to remain employed

    * Client has been terminated due to denial of a requested accommodation. Denial of employment cases

    * Client has been denied employment due to either a need for reasonable accommodation during the application process or to do the job, or due solely to disability discrimination

    Termination Cases:

    * Individual has been terminated due solely to disability discrimination.

    Sheltered Workshop Project:

    * DLC will continue to work with other advocates to ensure that the state plan to close all sheltered workshops will occur within the FY.

    Sub-Minimum Wage Project:

    * DLC will continue to assess the sub minimum wage waivers in light of wage and hour law.

    Employment Legislative Initiative:

    * DLC will continue to work on legislative issues that will result in an increase of employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

    Work Incentives Planning and Assistance:

    * DLC staff will provide support for WIPA staff, provide short term assistance to individuals with work incentive questions and community training on work incentives for benefit recipients and agency personnel.

    Employment cases where the client is currently a Social Security Recipient or Representative Payee/Financial Exploitation:

    * DLC will accept a limited number of cases where the client is being financially exploited by the Representative Payee

  • Public Accommodations: DLC will accept a limited number of Cases involving violations of Title III of the ADA and/or the Massachusetts Public Accommodations law.

  • Community Integration: DLC will take a limited number of Cases involving issues that violate the principles of community integration under the Olmstead decision and the Least Restrictive Environment.

  • Government Services: DLC will accept a small number of cases (3-5) cases involving issues related to eligibility (and Prior Approval) or denial of services or benefits from various agencies to monitor appropriate implementation of recent changes in policy and regulations.

    DLC will collaborate with Independent Living Centers and other advocacy organizations including Mass Advocates Standing Strong to ensure that all barriers to voting are eliminated. DLC will create the Disability Voting Task Force whose cross disability members will collaborate to ensure that people with disabilities have equal opportunity to exercise their right to vote in a national election year.

  • Access to Health Care Facilities: DLC, in collaboration with BCIL and GBLS, will advocate for increased access to medical equipment in health care facilities. DLC will accept cases on behalf of individuals who are denied effective communication in health care facilities.

  • Education: Consistent with DLC's mission, DLC will increase the availability of quality inclusive programs by representing students seeking less restrictive special education programs.

    DLC will provide representation in cases where a student receiving special education services is being excluded from school due to excessive or inappropriate discipline.

    DLC will also provide representation in cases where a student has been wrongfully excluded by denial of eligibility that results in excessive or inappropriate discipline.

    DLC will accept education cases that address issues of abuse and neglect such as inappropriate use of restraint and seclusion.

    DLC will take cases to obtain appropriate programs and services for students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

    DLC will accept no more than 5 cases representing students who are currently in a hospital and/or have spent a substantial amount of time in a hospital recently and are seeking a less restrictive educational program.

  • Human Rights/Abuse & Neglect: DLC will accept individual cases involving abuse and neglect or violations of human rights. These cases will serve to inform our ongoing monitoring work in community residences and facilities.

    Service hours:

    Intakes: M - F: 9am - 5pm

    Requirements / Restrictions:

    Issue must be disability related and client must have a disability.




    Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and other languages are provided through interpreter services


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